Thoughtfully crafted play products
Built for connection

Buddings is a combination of the words bud, buddy, and budding, and signifies nurture, friendship, and growth.

As social creatures, we are hardwired for connection. Buddings was built to facilitate bonding through simple play products for your child’s early years. We believe in creating opportunities for connection through intentionality.

We know that the early years is such a formative period which is why we work with experts like psychologists to create these products. We’ve put in so much thought in creating these products and hope that they create joy and meaningful memories for you.

Our manufacturing promise

Buddings has an uncompromising and ethical approach to manufacturing. All our products are produced under controlled, safe, and fair conditions and of skilled suppliers who do not compromise on either employment or environment. Our factory in China is one of the largest producers of sustainably harvested wood toys and organic cotton dolls globally. Our textile products are made in India at a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified supplier. We use the best possible materials and we personally perform quality checks for each item here in Singapore.